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➡️ Cross-Platform Cloud CI/CD

Tue Apr 04 2023

More and more teams are leveraging cross-platform development for their web, mobile PWA, iOS, and Android applications. However, if you are still leveraging traditional CI/CD or manual deployment processes, you can still experience release delays and different DX and UX across platforms. A unified system for cross-platform builds and deploys can prevent knowledge silos, speed up releases, and ensure an efficient process no matter what the platform. This talk will cover the considerations when building a CI/CD system to manage web and mobile deployments, and options for implementing a cross-platform CI/CD solution in the cloud.

➡️ Testing in Prod as Part of the Pyramid

Fri Jan 13 2023

The paradigm of the testing pyramid has changed over time, with developers adjusting the types of testing performed during integration. Unit, end-to-end, and even component and API testing are taken into consideration when designing a testing strategy. With improvements to observability and deployment tooling, can testing in production be a valid aspect of your quality strategy? This session evaluates the current testing ecosystem for pre- and post-deployment, including how to leverage deployment strategies to evaluate the quality of your codebase across the entire software development lifecycle — yes, even production.

➡️ Build & Deploy Mobile Apps with Nuxt Ionic

Wed Nov 16 2022

Do you love building with Nuxt but need a native mobile experience? Nuxt Ionic is an out-of-the-box integration that lets you build Nuxt applications with a native look and feel leveraging Ionic components, composables, and icons. Nuxt Ionic automatically imports what you need from the Ionic framework mobile UI toolkit, as well as Capacitor, which provides native mobile device functionality and builds for iOS and Android. This talk will cover the features and use cases of Nuxt Ionic, how to get started, and even deploying your mobile app to users with Ionic's Appflow platform.

➡️ Customizing your CI/CD for Mobile

Thu Nov 10 2022

Traditional CI/CD doesn’t even begin to cover the specific needs of mobile deployments, but building new tooling from scratch or ripping out existing setups can be a daunting, expensive endeavor. In this talk, we’ll cover the specifics of Mobile CI/CD and how you can build a continuous delivery process that supports the full range of mobile use cases and lives alongside your existing infrastructure. We’ll also discuss where traditional CI/CD falls short and best practices for reliably building, testing, and releasing high quality mobile apps.

➡️ Debugging with JS Frameworks

Wed Nov 09 2022

Developers spend half their time debugging, but often don't have an effective process or understanding of debugging tools. JS frameworks like React, Angular, and Vue add to the complexity of debugging. This talk will break down an approach for JS Framework debugging, including how to use tools effectively to identify common patterns of bugs. Regardless of what framework you use or your level of debugging experience, this talk will help you debug more confidently.

➡️ No-Code OSS Contributions

Sun Oct 30 2022

There are many ways to contribute to an open source project without writing a single line of code. For contributors, identify was you can impact a project without diving into the codebase. For maintainers, learn how to make your project no-code friendly to encourage contributions of all kinds and broaden your community of contributors.

➡️ Time Travel Debugging JavaScript Applications

Sat Sep 24 2022

Developers spend up to half their time debugging, but often struggle to reproduce and investigate issues with existing developer tools. A time travel debugger lets you record a bug then pause, rewind, and fast-forward your application execution to dig in at specific points in time. You can even add console logs and evaluate expressions retroactively to go back in time and debug. This talk will walk through some common bugs that occur in JavaScript applications and how to approach them with time travel debugging. Debug along with interactive recordings using to get hands-on practice with debugging real-world examples.

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