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📹 Exploring the Cypress Real World App - Cypress.io UK Community - July 15


Join Cypress Success Engineer Cecelia Martinez in exploring the Cypress Real World App. This full-stack Express/React payment application has 100% code coverage with Cypress tests and demonstrates testing methods, patterns, and workflows in Cypress. Tune in for a dive into the codebase, as well as best practices around test design, authentication, and data seeding. Followed by a Q&A session.

📹 ThisDot JS Marathon: End-to-end Testing with Cypress


Looking to add testing to your skill set or just feel more confident pushing to production? In this beginner-level talk, we will walk through the process of installing, configuring, and writing a critical-path test using Cypress.

📹 Ioniconf 2020: End-to-end Testing Mobile Apps with Ionic and Cypress


JavaScript for mobile development AND testing? With Ionic and Cypress, developers can leverage frameworks they already love to code and test PWA and mobile applications prior to native complication.

📹 Coders Craft Dev Meetup: The Road to Junior Dev - What and How to Learn


A discussion and QA with the Coders Craft Dev Meetup on what and how to learn on your journey into tech.

📹 Node.js and Github API to Increase Productivity


More than 40 million developers use GitHub to store, share, and collaborate on open-source software. Learn how to leverage its robust API with lightweight Node scripts to increase productivity in your individual or team development process. Automate issues, release notes, and more!

📹 Navigating a New Codebase: Tips and Tricks to Ease the Transition


A webinar for Women Who Code Front End about my transition from boot camp student to junior software developer.

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